Ramzan/Ramadan Decor on a Budget

With Ramzan/ Ramadan around the corner, I feel a sense of calm this time. I know people are sad that it won’t be the same, no Iftar or Suhoor parties or Taraweeh and no Ramadan tents (for people in the Middle East) I, on the other hand, feel the opposite completely! I think this will be the BEST Ramzan of our lives – the one that will focus on the true spirit of this holy month. With no social distractions and commitments, we will be able to do the deep spiritual reflection that this month is meant for…

I don’t want to sound philosophical, but I think that this will be the “real” Ramzan that we wouldn’t have ever witnessed, if not for this pandemic.

This year I did not want to buy anything new or spend any money on decor, which seems  so unnecessary at this time, but that doesn’t mean that you cant make a space look pretty with the things already lying around the house. It does help lift up the mood.

I am not big on Ramadan decorations however, I like to do a little Ramzan decor around the house for the kids and not to be wasteful in purchasing or making new crafts; I have been saving the ones I made back in 2016 and still use them around the house (Click Here if you want to see those).  I save them in my crafts box each year and pull them out every year.DSCF8382Since there will be no Ramadan tents this time, we did a little setup from all the things we had at home (Will link them at the end of the post, where I got them from). DSCF8407I picked some bougainvillea from my backyard, some candles and lanterns in my home and viola.. here is our setup for this Ramzan.DSCF8418

DSCF8401-EditAnd here is a little closer look…DSCF8423









I made use of everything that I had at home without spending anything at all! You can be creative with whatever you have at home..


DSCF8483-EditWe as a family, love eating together sitting on the floor.. specially at Iftar time. And love this cozy little space to spend our Iftar meals together.DSCF8384



Table – Custom made table for my food photography

Star String lights – Ikea

Tepee – The Bunting Bee

Arab Dolls – The Ommi Dolls

Blue Plates – Pottery Barn

White Plates- Zara Home

Blue Cushions & Rug –Pan Emirates

Burlap Table Runner – Amazon





3 thoughts on “Ramzan/Ramadan Decor on a Budget

  1. Wow!! I’m absolutely obsessed with this post! I find it hard sometimes to be creative within a budget but you make it look so elegant and beautiful, truly enjoyed this post. Ramadan Kareem!

    Feel free to check out my blog, I just posted about prepping for Ramadan!


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