Jewelry Organization

So lets talk about Jewelry – another thing that we, women like to collect A LOT of! I am big fan of semi precious jewelry, looks pretty and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

If you love Pinterest as much as I do, you would have come across these gorgeous jewelry organizers and displays. If space was not my issue, I would have loved to have one of the below. But my problem is space and of course the dust here in Qatar.

Image credit – barbwireandbarnwood on Etsy


Image credit

*Sigh.. Jewelry Storage Goals*

Back to reality of small space living and still trying to store the gazillion things neatly!

In all my organization posts, you will find one thing in common – The VISIBILITY Factor!

I cannot stress enough on how important the VISIBILITY factor is for me in organizing anything! I strongly believe that one should be able to see what they own and access it easily too!

So lets check out how I store my jewelry and what works for me..

1. Smaller Jewelry Pieces (Earrings, Rings, Pendants etc.)

There are loads of pretty jewelry boxes and solutions for storing jewelry in the market but I LOVE my clear plastic tool storage boxes originally meant to store screws and nails. I got them at Daiso for about QAR 10 each. I love them because these boxes are divided into slots, which keeps every pair separate and of course visible even when closed!DSC_0021

Btw, these boxes are awesome for storing craft supplies, buttons, hair clips and what not! DSC_0023

2. Bigger Earrings and Bracelets

The bigger pieces of earrings, bracelets which don’t fit in the slots are stored in this clear plastic jewelry organizer, which hangs inside the closet. You know you have a bad case of OCD when your friends give your organizing tools as presents! (This was from my bff 🙂 She knows me too well! )


3. Necklaces and Chains

Have you been in a situation when you are getting ready for a dinner party, all dressed up, makeup and hair done and now ready to put on your jewelry just before you step out. You open your jewelry pouch to find your chain in knots and after failed quick attempts to detangle it, decide to leave without wearing it! Happened to me so many times, until I found this solution!

NEVER have your chains tangled again! This is a great tip specially if you are traveling with your jewelry and want to pack them without getting tangled.

Thread necklaces through drinking straws to avoid tangles!


4. Bangles

Do you have a situation like this with your bangles???DSC_0039

My daughter mixes up her bangles all the time! Although you can get really nice bangle organizers in Pakistan, they are not available here (and I couldn’t wait either, as her cabinet was bothering me a lot!). I took a Paper towel holder and put her bangles in. She is managing it well and keeps them in place!

DSC_0044 (1)

My bangles are again in a clear plastic box, easy to spot what I want to wear!


These clear plastic boxes just fit perfectly in my drawer and keeps my jewelry neatly organized!

DSC_0074How do you store your jewelry? Do you have any other Jewelry storage hack that works for you? Share it with me 🙂

Some More Ideas?

I find Nadiya Najib’s Organizing Chaos series very informative and detailed ,where she shares her reasons for the need to declutter and organize your life!  You can check out her wonderful ideas for DIY jewelry organizers (click here or the image below to check it out)NadiyaNajibJewllery.png

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