Father’s Day/Birthday Cookies For A Desi Dad

Father’s Day and my husband’s birthday fall very close to each other, which is perfect as we combine these two special occasions and celebrate him and what an amazing father he is!

Last year it was his 40th birthday and I threw a party for the big milestone birthday (I  made his cake and a hilarious photobooth  –  you can see it here), but this year we are back to the small intimate family celebration.

His birthday cake I made last year – Pic by @tmqtr

Since he always comes up with such unique ideas for gifts that I always struggle to think of a gift for him… I always go for something personalized and something that would make him all teary eyed (yep, thats the criteria that I gauge if he was really touched)

For people who don’t know him, he is a very patriotic Pakistani, an Urdu poet and a huge fan of Faiz, who loves everything desi – from his choice of food to books to his clothing

When I found about Cookies By Denise, I instantly knew that this time it has to be cookies but I had to come up with 6 unique things that would define him – it isn’t a very daunting task but it had to be a bit different from his cake last year. So I came up with these 6 cookie designs (we repeated one because he isn’t complete without it) and Denise agreed that she could cookify them!

When Denise gave me the box of cookies, my heart skipped a beat! I knew he would LOVE these! She has done such an UNBElIEVABLE job!

Wanna see the cookies? Let’s go!

Last year he made this illustration of his Ishq for Pakistan which says “Ishq” (love) along with the Pakistani flag (You can read all about the idea behind his design and how it made its way to becoming a design for scarves at a Pakistani store called Pith)

So of course this had to go a cookie!

Ishq on a Cookie!

Since, he is a such a patriot and loves his home city Karachi so much, another cookie had to be this truck art design and Quaid-e-Azam’s Mazaar.

When Truck Art meets Cookie Art…

DSCF8016His favorite book of Faiz’s kalam was also turned into a cookie –  all hand painted with icing, with details that still amazes me! I cannot get over this cookie! 

The unbelievable detail on this cookie!

And since this a celebration of his birthday and Father’s day, it couldn’t have be complete without a birthday greeting in Urdu for a wonderful Dad that he is!

DSCF7466.jpgSo wondering what happened when we gave him these cookies?? He was speechless, overwhelmed and very teary eyed! Simply put he LOVED them!

DSCF8008.jpgDenise did an impressive job of converting my ideas into cookies! She is absolutely brilliant at her craft and I cannot recommend her enough! DSCF7479.jpgNow there is only one problem – WHO WILL HAVE THE HEART TO EAT THESE COOKIES!!!???


How To Get In Touch With Cookies DIY by Denise

Facebook: @cookiesdiybydenise

Instagram: @cookiesDIYbydenise

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One thought on “Father’s Day/Birthday Cookies For A Desi Dad

  1. Annie

    I was wondering the same… did you guys actually eat these? I can’t think who would wanna eat Denise’s incredible works of art when I see them on her page… but these designs are next level… does she have recommendations to preserve them in anyway?

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